SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World – Worth Visiting?

SEA LIFE Ocean World in Bangkok is one of the biggest aquariums in Thailand, housing over 5 million liter tanks across a 10,000 sqm space in the basement of Siam Paragon.

The aquarium has eleven zones to explore with various animals, including sharks, rays, seahorses, and penguins.

I visited the SEA LIFE aquarium in 2023. I created this overview and personal experience article to help you decide if it’s an activity to add to your to-do list for your next holiday in Bangkok.

Is it worth the visit?

Yes, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is a must-visit with its wide array of marine life, captivating themed zones, and welcoming atmosphere perfect for families. P

Plus, it’s conveniently surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and shops, making it an ideal destination for a full day of family fun.

Opening times: 10 am – 8 pm (the last admission is 7 pm)

Location: B1 floor Siam Paragon Mall


Tickets cost between 1,161 – 1,290 THB for adults and 981 – 1,090 THB for children, depending on peak/off-peak if tickets are purchased the same day as entry.

General Ticket Prices

TicketPrice – At the doorPrice Klook (Skip the queue)
SEA LIFE + Madame TussaudsAdult: 1,161-1,290 THB
Child: 981-,1090 THB

*price depends on peak & same day ticket
Adult: 1,161-1,290 THB
Child: 981-,1090 THB

*price depends on peak & same day ticket

Where to buy Tickets?

Tickets for SEA LIFE are available to purchase online or at the venue’s entrance. I recommend pre-booking your tickets online a day before to avoid the same-day 10% ticket premium.

Ticket types

  • Off-peak – weekdays
  • Peak – weekends (10% more than off-peak)
  • Same-day – entry on the day of purchase (additional 10%)

Purchasing a SEA LIFE ticket will also give you access to the Madame Tussauds wax museum within walking distance of the aquarium at Siam Discovery Mall.

Tickets purchased on Klook will help you skip the entrance queue on arrival.

sea life bangkok - klook
available to pre-book on Klook

Skip the queue, get your SEA LIFE ticket online

Why visit SEA LIFE Bangkok?

  • Learn about the world’s fantastic sea life.
  • Lots to see, with eleven different zones inhabited by fascinating sea and wildlife creatures
  • Underwater tunnel to admire sea life from all angles
  • Activity for the whole family
  • Centrally located (close to restaurants, public transport, and shopping malls), meaning lots of activities before and after your visit

Animals at SEA LIFE

  • Fresh and saltwater fish
  • Topical frogs and reptiles
  • Seahorses, including the Big Belly Seahorse
  • Penguin
  • Sharks
  • Cownose ray
  • Otters
  • Sea turtle
  • Jellyfish
  • Eels

It’s important to note that the list of animals at the aquarium may change over time so check with SEA LIFE for the up-to-date list of animals.


SEA LIFE’s large 10,000 sqm of space has multiple different zones to explore, so there is lots to explore. While navigating through the aquarium, each zone has a unique theme and selection of wildlife to admire.

Zone list

Zone NameAnimals
Rocky HideoutGiant Pacific Octopus
Spiny Lobster
Giant Spider Crab
Shark WalkSand Tiger Shark
Nurse Shark
Black Tip Reef Shark
Japanese Sawshark
Carol ReefsClownfish
Moray Eel
Seahorse KingdomBig Belly Seahorse
Alligator Pipefish
Tropical RainforestBearded Dragon
Poison Dart Frog
Short Clawed Otter
Rocky ShoreKing Penguins
Gentoo Penguins
Humboldt Penguins
Ocean TunnelVarious fish
Sand Tiger Shark
Nurse Shark
Black Tip Reef Shark
Japanese Sawshark
RockpoolsHermit Crab
Sea Cucumber
Slate Pencil Urchin
Tropical OceanClownfish
Moray Eel
Shark Ship WreckSand Tiger Shark
Nurse Shark
Black Tip Reef Shark
Japanese Sawshark
Penguin Ice PlaygroundGentoo Penguins

Additional experiences

SEA LIFE offers other experiences, such as feeding shows, shark driving, a glass-bottom tank boat tour, and a cinema experience showcasing Aquaman: The 4D Experience.

Ticket prices for additional experiences

TicketPrice (per person)Time
Shark diving6,900 THB10:30 to 18:00
Glass Bottom Boat with Free DigiPass Photo350 THB10:00 to 17:00
4D Cinema – Aquaman: The 4D Experience350 THB11:00 to 19:00
Feeding showsfreeSee table below

Feeding Shows (price included in ticket)

Jackass Penguin FeedingRockpools11:15 AM & 4.00 PM
Fresh Water Fish FeedingTropical Rainforest12 PM
Otter FeedingTropical Rainforest12 PM & 3:30 PM
Seahorse FeedingSeahorse Kingdom11 AM & 2 PM
Archerfish FeedingArcherfish Feeding11:45 AM
Cownose Ray FeedingB2 Floor2:30 PM
Sharks FeedingShark Ship Wreck01:30 PM(Tue, Thu and Sat)
Gentoo Penguin FeedingPenguin Ice Playground12:30 PM & 4:30 PM
Eagle Ray FeedingB2 Floor01:30 PM

My experience at SEA LIFE Bangkok

I visited SEA LIFE at the start of 2023 and was impressed, wondering why I hadn’t been before.

After arriving at Siam Paragon, the aquarium was easy to find by following the signs down the escalator to the basement floor.

I presented my tickets and started my journey through the linear path, first encountering the coral reef.

In this impressive auditorium-like viewing area, you can sit back and watch the amazing sea life through a massive two-story tank.

Then, onto the Shark Walk, a bottomless window on one of the tanks provides a bottom-down view of fish, sharks, and turtles going about daily life.

I continued to explore the aquarium, passing through the Tropical Rainforest and the Rock Pools, where you can touch the starfish.

Eventually, I ended up at Ocean Tunnel, a tunnel under the largest aquarium tank with a massive variety of sea life and 360-degree views (great for photos).

One of my most impressive sights was the Japanese Sawshark, which had a unique saw-like nose.

Japanese Sawshark

The last zone at the aquarium is where the Penguins live, with sub-zero temperatures and a fake snow generator within an igloo.

Upon exit, you’ll find the shop to pick up cuddly toys, sealife toys, and sweets for the kids.

How to get there

SEA LIFE Bangkok is centrally located within easy reach of the public train system and taxis in the Siam Paragon Mall’s basement.

When you arrive at Siam Paragon shopping mall, take the first escalator to the B1 floor, where you’ll find the SEA LIFE entrance.

Additional details are in my article on getting to Siam Paragon.

Getting there by BTS

Take a BTS train to Siam station on the Sukhumvit or Silom line, then take the exit labeled 5, connected to Siam Paragon.

Getting there by TAXI

Tell the driver you want to go to Siam Paragon (all drivers will know where this is) or book the Grab or Bolt app.

Getting there by BUS

Multiple buses to Siam are available for routes around the city.

Just get off at the Siam Square or Siam Center bus stop, then make your way to Siam Paragon.

Buses going to Siam Paragon

15 – NO AC/AC
16 – NO AC/AC
25 – NO AC/AC
40 – AC
73 – AC
79 – AC
141 – AC
204 – NO AC/AC
508 – AC

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World Map

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