I grew up in Ireland and moved to Fiji with my family for a business venture, where I discovered my love for tropical paradises.

Since 2014, I have made Bangkok, Thailand, my primary base while living in Asia, and I have fully embraced the culture and travel opportunities in the region.

As an experienced traveler and local expert, I created findyouthere.com to share insider tips, tricks, and guides to help travelers make the most of their holidays in Thailand and beyond.

Core aspects you’ll find throughout this blog.

Insider tips – Knowledge from insiders who have traveled and lived in Thailand. These are tips and tricks that you won’t find in a traditional guidebook, but that can make your trip to Thailand much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Budget tips – Travel on a budget. This includes tips on how to find cheap flights and accommodation, eat affordably, and save money on activities.

Luxury tips – Travel in style. This includes tips on how to find the best luxury hotels and restaurants, book private tours, and experience the best of Thailand without breaking the bank.

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