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Best Thai SIM Card For Tourists (Packages and Rates) 2023

Searching for the best tourist SIM to pick for your travels in Thailand? International roaming, making calls, or sending SMS with your regular SIM while traveling abroad is costly.

To reduce costs and avoid surprises in your next bill, you have a couple of options to consider.

Option 1: Check if your regular network provider offers an international package for Thailand. This option is usually the most expensive.

Option 2: Buy a local tourist SIM online or when you arrive.

Option 3: Buy an eSIM package with Thailand or Asia region coverage. This is the most convenient option, but not all phones support eSIM.

Thailand has three major telecom providers to choose from when selecting a SIM (AIS, DTAC, and TrueMove H).

This article will give an overview of each provider’s SIM package so you can compare SIM prices, rates, and network coverage.

In a rush? recommended SIM packages

BEST – Value for money

Best value package on a network with great coverage? AIS and TrueMove H have the best 5G coverage and comparable upload and download speeds.

Although TrueMove H has the best all-rounder value-for-money package at 299 THB for 16 days, including 15 GB of days.

Best package:
TrueMove H Tourist for 299 THB (16 days, including 15 GB of data)

DISCOUNT – Klook offers this SIM package with airport pickup at a discount price of 199 THB (299 THB).

POWER USER – Long trips with unlimited data

Require unlimited data, reliable 5G, and plan on staying in Thailand for more than a month? I recommend a 30-day high data package with either TrueMove H or AIS.

Best packages:
TrueMove H Tourist for 999 THB (30 days, including unlimited data)
AIS Tourist for 1,250 THB (30 days, including 300 GB of data)

CHEAPEST – Fewer days and only visiting Cities?

Lastly, if you’re searching for a more affordable SIM and you’re not venturing into rural areas. DTAC has the cheapest data package starting at 149 THB for 4 days, including 5 GB of data. After 4 days, a credit top-up is required to continue using the SIM.

Cheapest data package:
DTAC for 149 THB (4 days, including 5 GB of data)

Considering the DTAC package? for an additional 50 THB, you can get the 8-day package with 15 GB data usage for 199 THB (299 THB) through Klook.

Read on to find out more.

Thailand Tourist SIM

A tourism SIM is a short-term mobile package for data, calls, and SMS that you can use during your travels in Thailand.

The tourist SIM is available in multiple stores around Thailand, including at airports and mini-marts. The SIM can also be pre-purchased online and picked up at an airport upon arrival.

Where to buy a Tourist SIM

Online (pre-purchase)Klook
Telecom site
AirportsSuvarnabhumi (BKK)
Don Mueang (DMK)
Phuket (HKT)
Telecom storesAIS stores
TrueMove H stores
DTAC stores
Mini marts / Supermarkets7-Eleven
Family Mart
Tesco Lotus
Big C

Thailand Tourist SIM costs and rates

Sim card packages range from 49-1,250 THB depending on validity, data limits, and included credit. They can be topped up to add additional credit and extend the validity.

The cheapest SIM at 49 THB may seem tempting, but they don’t include any data plan, so they require an additional top-up.

Calls to the same local network are free, but different networks or international calls require credit.

Comparison of tourist SIM packages and rates:

AIS packages

ValidityDataCall / SMS credit
49 THBPay as you go15 THB
299 THB8 days15 GB15 THB
599 THB15 days30 GB15 THB
1,250 THB (POWER USER)30 days300 GB15 THB

AIS rates

Call1 THB/Depending on the country (check rates)

TrueMove H packages

ValidityDataCalls / SMS credit
49 THB TouristPay as you go15 THB
299 THB Tourist (BEST VALUE)16 days15 GB100 THB
599 THB Tourist30 days30 GB15 THB
399 THB Infinite8 daysUnlimitedUnlimited local
100 THB international
699 THB Infinite15 daysUnlimitedUnlimited local
100 THB international
999 THB Infinite (POWER USER)30 daysUnlimitedUnlimited local
100 THB international

TrueMove H rates

Call1 THB/minDepending on the country (check rates)
Data1.5 THB/MB

DTAC packages

ValidityDataCalls / SMS credit
49 THBPay as you go15 THB
149 THB (CHEAPEST)4 days5 GB15 THB
299 THB8 days15 GB15 THB
599 THB15 days30 GB15 THB

DTAC rates

Call1 THB/minDepending on the country (check rates)
Data2 THB/MB

Network coverage and performance

Opensignal conducted a network performance report in 2022 of the three major cellular providers in Thailand, and here are some of their findings:

  • AIS and TrueMove H have more regional network coverage and 5G availability compared to DTAC
  • AIS network has the fastest download speeds
  • TrueMove H and AIS have comparable upload speeds outperforming DTAC
  • TrueMove H performed better in video streaming performance on 3G and 4G connection

Based on the findings from Opensignal, I would rate the providers in the following order based on coverage/performance:

  1. AIS
  2. TrueMove H
  3. DTAC

True and DTAC plan to merge in the future, so this order will most likely change over time.

How to top-up a Tourist SIM

Online via the telecom’s official websites

Telecom network’s physical store

Mini marts & Supermarkets – ask the cashier for a mobile top-up and tell them your network and how much credit you want to add.

eSIM – Alternative to Tourist SIM

The classic plastic SIM will eventually be phased out and replaced by an eSIM, a software-based SIM installed by a QR code.

They’re currently supported on the latest smartphones enabling you to own multiple numbers on your phone.

Thailand or regional network providers offer eSIM packages so you can set up a SIM from the comfort of your home before stepping on a place.

Benefits of an eSIM

  • Multiple numbers linked to the same device
  • Change to another network without removing SIM
  • Physical SIM can be lost, stolen, or become faulty
  • Setup separate network packages for travel or business

Comparison of eSIM Thailand providers

Airalo8-15 daysUnlimited9.90-19.95 USD
Nomad7-30 days5-20 GB5-30 USD
Holafly5-90 daysUnlimited27-144 USD
Numero eSim7-30 days1-10 GB3-30 USD


The ability to communicate, surf the web and interact with apps on your phone is essential when traveling, but don’t get caught out by roaming charges from your home country’s mobile network.

Thailand has three major mobile networks (AIS, TrueMove H, and DTAC) offering tourist SIM packages for data, calls, and SMS.

The tourist SIM has a fixed upfront cost with various data plans and validity packages, including the option to top up when your credit is low.

Which SIM will you pick up?

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