How to Get to Koh Samet From Bangkok (2022)

Ready for a weekend break to Koh Samet, one of the loveliest islands within driving distance of Bangkok? This guide will help you find your way from Bangkok to Koh Samet. Koh Samet is a small island in the southeastern part of Thailand located 200km from Bangkok city. Getting to the island requires a boat … Read more

How To Watch Netflix in Thailand? 3 Easy Ways (2022)

netflix thailand

Want to get your Netflix fix while traveling or living in Thailand? This easy, helpful guide will show you how. 1. Watch with a local Thai subscription Netflix has been available in Thailand since January 2016.  Since then, it has steadily increased its offering of well-known blockbuster titles as-well-as local Thai and Asian shows. The … Read more

How is Bangkok Compared to Other Major Cities

Have you ever wondered how the Thai capital Bangkok compares with other major cities around the world? I researched the similarities and differences to see how Bangkok holds up. City Population Size Bangkok 10+ million 1,569 km² New York 8.3+ million 783.8 km² London 8.9 million 1,572 km² Seattle 740+ thousand 217 km² Singapore 5.6+ … Read more

What is Bangkok Really Like? An Expats Prospective

Welcome to Bangkok, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, but what is Bangkok like to visit or live? Bangkok is a cosmopolitan metropolis with bad traffic, heatwaves, and lots to experience. It has a unique charm that attracts explorers from around the globe who come to sample its many wonders. Transportation … Read more

What To Do in Bangkok in The Morning

They say Bangkok is the city that never sleeps so what activities can you do in the early morning? Most attractions, restaurants, and malls in Bangkok are not open until 10 am although there is still plenty to do before the city comes alive. Morning activities and attractions in Bangkok Looking for other activities and … Read more

Should I Tip in Thailand? Do’s and Don’ts

Want to know if tipping in Thailand is required and what the recommended amount to tip for service? Tipping in Thailand is not required and locals don’t expect you to tip for their service. Although Thailand is a developing country with a low minimum wage, so a tip goes a long way and it’s a … Read more

What Thai Dishes Are Vegan Friendly?

I changed my diet to vegan while living in Bangkok and found out the hard way that most Thai food isn’t vegan. Although with a little insider knowledge, it’s possible to order delicious strictly vegan Thai food. Vegetarian Thai dishes may seem vegan but usually have non-vegan ingredients such as fish sauce or shrimp paste. … Read more

How to Get From Bangkok to Ayutthaya (2022)

Ayutthaya is the old capital of Thailand and is approximately 80km from Bangkok. The city has some of the oldest Buddhist temples in Thailand and is classified as a World Heritage Site intentionally. So lots to explore! I’ve lived in Thailand for 6 years now but have never ventured to Ayutthaya. I decided it was … Read more

Best International Airport to Fly Into in Thailand

Thai Smile Plane

Want to fly into an airport and step onto the beach or jump in a taxi and head straight to Bangkok? Thailand is one of the most visited destinations in the world. It has a unique charm that attracts travelers from around the globe. With a wide variety of activities and adventures, Thailand has something … Read more