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Can I Store Luggage at Bangkok (BKK) Airport? (2023)

Need to store your luggage at Bangkok Airport? Suvarnabhumi has multiple luggage storage options starting from 100 THB per day.

Conveniently and securely deposit your luggage at the airport while you explore Bangkok hassle-free or have your luggage delivered to your hotel ready for check-in.

I have researched the top luggage storage services available at Bangkok Airport to help you find the service that suits your travel needs.

Benefits of using an airport luggage service

  • Leave your luggage at the airport so you can explore during transit or a short stay over
  • Avoid the hassle of having to drop off your luggage at a hotel
    • Go sightseeing, and when you decide to check in, your luggage will already be at the hotel
  • Avoid having to store your luggage at the hotel on checkout and instead get it picked up from the hotel ready for you to collect at the airport

Where can I store luggage at Bangkok Airport?

Suvarnabhumi airport has five luggage storage services: Bounce, AIRPORTELs, Bellugg, SmileLugg, and Boxtel, located on the non-airside B floor next to the Airport Rail Link (Bounce, AIRPORTELs, SmileLugg, and Boxtel) and arrivals 2nd floor Gate 4 (Bellugg).

Price List

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) Price List

ProviderLuggage storageBook Online
Bounce161 THB (includes insurance 🛡️)➡️ Bounce
➡️ Klook
Smile Lugg100 THB
➡️ Klook
Bellugg Left LuggageSmall – 100 THB
Medium – 120 THB
Large – 150 THB
➡️ Bellugg
BoxtelSmall – 80 THB
Large – 100 THB
Not available

Don Muaeng Airport (DMK) Price List

ProviderLuggage storage

Let’s take a deeper look at each luggage provider.


Bounce is a convenient solution for luggage storage at Bangkok Airport. The platform works by partnering with local businesses that offer luggage storage services accessible to customers through a single web and mobile application.

One unique feature of Bounce is that it offers insurance for luggage for up to $10,000, providing an additional layer of protection for customers’ belongings, although at an extra cost.

Bounce check-out process

With over 100k+ customers worldwide, Bounce has established itself as a trusted brand in the field of luggage storage. It operates in over 8k locations, providing travelers with multiple options for storing their luggage securely.

At Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bounce offers one drop-off location open 24 hours a day.

The cost of luggage storage per bag per day is 161 THB, which includes 100 THB for the storage fee and 61 THB for insurance coverage.


AIRPORTELs is Thailand’s most popular luggage storage provider, with five service points, including Suvarnabhumi and Don Muaeng Airport.

AIRPORTELs offers luggage storage with 24-hour security, 50,000 THB compensation for an affordable rate of 100 THB per luggage / per day with a weight restriction of 25 kg. Special items, including sports equipment, cost 200 THB per day.

They also provide a luggage delivery service to and from the airport to hotels, malls, and service points in Bangkok, Phuket, or Pattaya with a 100% on-time guarantee. Online tracked delivery options include 4-hour or 2-hour express starting from 299 THB.

Pre-book luggage storage or luggage delivery on Klook to avoid queues and plan your luggage arrangements before arriving at the airport.

Airport locations:

  • BKK B Floor next to Airport Rail Link
  • DMK Terminal 2, G Floor, Gate 9



SmileLugg offers luggage storage for 100 THB per day / per luggage item at their 24-hour desk at Suvarnabhumi Airport located in the basement after passing through customs.

Pre-book SmileLugg’s luggage storage service on Klook at a discounted price and store between 24 hours to a week.

SmileLugg also provides a same-day or next-day luggage delivery service for 250-400 THB per item, depending on size.

Need to protect your luggage before a long journey? SmileLugg has a wrapping service to wrap your bag in protective plastic to avoid scratching in transit. Luggage wrap at SmileLugg costs 120 THB per item.

Airport locations:

  • BKK B Floor next to Airport Rail Link
  • DMK branch is currently closed


Bellugg Left Luggage

Another recently reopened luggage storage option at Suvarnabhumi Airport is Bellugg which offers daily storage from 100-150 THB depending on size with insurance cover of 50,000 THB.

Bellugg also has a delivery service ranging from 300-600 THB. Pre-booking is available through their website.

Airport locations:

  • BKK Arrivals 2nd floor Gate 4



Boxtel is a 24-hour hotel at Suvarnabhumi Airport which also offers luggage storage as an additional service. Their daily prices range from 80-100 THB per bag, depending on luggage size.

Pre-booking is not available online.

Airport locations:

  • BKK B Floor next to Airport Rail Link


Luggage wrapping service

Suvarnabhumi Airport has luggage wrapping service points at check-in gates in the arrivals hall on the 4th floor. Prices range from 200-600 THB.

Lockers at Bangkok Airport (BKK)

Lock Box used to operate their lockers at Suvarnabhumi Airport on the B floor, but unfortunately, their service is temporarily closed.

Before you go…

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How long can I store my luggage?

AIRPORTELs can store your luggage for up to 30 days with an extension upon request. If no extension is requested, the company will dispose of your luggage.

Where else can I store luggage in Bangkok?

Apart from airports, other luggage storage facilities are available throughout Bangkok at various drop-off points. Use a service like Radical Storage or Bounce to book luggage storage around the city from 100 THB daily.

Can you leave your luggage at a hotel after check out?

Most hotels in Bangkok will allow you to store your luggage upon check out, although the hotels usually claim no responsibility for loss or damage. I recommend using an insured secure storage delivery service if you have valuables.


Bangkok airport has multiple affordable options for storing luggage so you can extend your trip and travel hassle-free.

Have a late check-in and want to explore the city? Drop your bags off at the airport and have them delivered directly to your hotel upon check-in time.

Want to explore Bangkok during transit without the hassle of lugging around a giant suitcase? Drop off your bag at the airport for a daily rate of 100 THB and collect it upon departure.

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