Is Uber Available in Thailand? Best 2022 Alternatives

What happened to Uber in Thailand, and what are the best alternatives?

Uber is no longer available in Thailand.  It ceased business in April 2018 after selling off its Asian operations to Singapore-based competitor Grab.  As part of the deal, Uber now owns a 27.5% stake in Grab.

Uber Thailand operated since 2014 but had a bumpy ride with its licensing and legal status. It offered private hire and food services under the names UberX, Uber Black, UberMOTO, and UberEATS. All of which have ceased operation in Thailand.

Uber was declared illegal and banned in Thailand in November 2014 based on the government’s assessment of how the company licensed cars and drivers. The service continued to operate, but if drivers got caught, they would face fines and jail time.

An unlicensed private car taxi driver is illegal in Thailand, but legal progress made in the past year has meant legalization may come early as 2020.

Ride-hailing services are by far the most convenient and safest way to travel around Bangkok. They’re great for tourists who might find it challenging to communicate their destination to a local taxi driver.

So, what are some of the alternatives to Uber in Thailand?

Alternatives to Uber

With Uber out of the market, Thailand still has a range of private taxi hires available to book conveniently on your phone. These include:


Singapore based company Grab dominates the local and Asian region by holding a 90% market share of ride-hailing services.

Grab Thailand offers an array of private car-hailing options, including:

  • GrabTaxi – Local taxi booking with the convenience and safety measures included within the app
  • GrabCar – Budget private car selection
  • GrabCar Premium – Luxury private car selection
  • GrabVan – Minivan with  space of up to 10 people

Check my Grab Thailand guide here.

The Grab app has many features from Uber because they shared their technology with Grab after the partnership deal.

Within the app, simply select your desired vehicle and pick up / drop off points, and an estimated fixed fare will be displayed. The fare will be higher during high demand peak hours.

As with Uber, the Grab app supports a review and rating system to check and leave feedback on your driver. Once a driver accepts the ride, you’ll see their location and estimated arrival time on the screen.

Accepted payment options include cash or credit card, selectable before making a booking.


  • Advanced booking
  • Onboard Safety
    • Share your ride details with friends
    • Emergency button
    • Phone number masking
  • Save locations
  • Rewards system
  • Trip history
  • Distance fare estimate
  • Tip driver (check my guide on tipping in Thailand)

Grab price list

TypeBooking feeBase PricePrice per KM
GrabTaxiTHB 20THB 355.50 THB/KM (1KM – 10KM)
6.50 THB/KM (10KM – 20KM)
7.50 THB/KM (20KM – 40KM)
GrabCarTHB 458 THB/KM (2KM – 6KM)
7 THB/KM (6KM – 40KM)
10 THB/KM (> 40KM)
GrabCar PremiumTHB 110THB 12/KM
GrabVanTHB 23014 THB/KM (0KM – 10KM)
13 THB/KM (10KM – 20KM)
10 THB/KM (20KM – 40KM)
20 THB/KM ( > 40KM)
Prices subject to change check App for latest


Another less known local taxi app hailing company is AllThaiTaxi, which offers both budget and luxury booking options through its app.

AllThaiTaxi uses eco-friendly Toyota Prius cars for all its budget selection. They also have an option to pick a female driver for that additional peace of mind for lady bookers.

The taxi service only accepts cash payable to the driver.


  • Advanced booking
  • Promotion codes
  • Trip history

AllThaiTaxi price list

TypeBooking feeBase pricePrice per KM
StandardTHB 100THB 35THB 5.50-10.50 (local meter)
VIPTHB 20THB 50Fixed rates per 5-6 KM
Prices subject to change check App for latest


LINE is a popular chat application with dominance in the Asian region. LINE offers a local hailing taxi service called LINE MAN Taxi, which operates in Bangkok.

LINE MAN Taxi connects users with local taxi drivers similar to Grab’s service GrabTaxi.

The app supports payment by cash, credit card, or LINE pay.


  • Promotion codes
  • Trip history
  • Distance fare estimate

LINE MAN Taxi price list

TypeBooking feeBase pricePrice per KM
Local TaxiTHB 20THB 35THB 5.50-10.50 (local meter)
Prices subject to change check App for latest

Cheapest alternative to Uber

The cheapest ride-hailing service is the local taxi option on either Grab or LINE.

Best alternative to Uber

Grab offers a wide selection of cars, advanced booking, smooth UI, and additional safety features.  The Grab app is the best alternative if you’re familiar with Uber and want a similar service.

Insider tip

Take alternative transport during peak hours to avoid getting stuck in Bangkok’s notorious traffic

Alternatives to UberEATS

UberEATS, a food delivery service, no longer operates in Thailand. Although there are lots of other great options, including:


Berlin-based food delivery company FoodPanda has been operating in Thailand for more than ten years.  The app offers a wide selection of restaurants and has a ‘best restaurants nearby’ feature to help you find tasty food in your area.

The app accepts cash on delivery, credit card, and PayPal.

The delivery fee is calculated based on your location and what restaurant you’re ordering from.


Grab offers a food delivery service available through its main app alongside its other services. It has a wide range of restaurants to select from and is on par with FoodPanda.

The delivery fee starts from 10 THB depending on the restaurant’s distance, and they accept cash on delivery or credit card.

LINE MAN Food Delivery

LINE also has a food delivery service to conveniently order food from your home within the LINE MAN app.

The delivery fee starts from 10 THB, and they accept cash or credit card.

Cheapest alternative to UberEATS

GrabFood or LINE MAN Food Delivery is the most affordable option for app-based food delivery within Thailand.

Best alternative to UberEATS

If you’re an UberEATS user, then FoodPanda is the best alternative based on its multiple payment options and user-friendly interface.

Alternatives to UberMOTO

UberMOTO, Uber’s bike taxi service, ceased operation in 2018 along with other Uber services. Currently, the only app-based bike taxi hire in Thailand is GrabBike.

Garbike is similar to UberMOTO. Simply select your desired pickup and drop-off points to calculate an estimated fare.

Payment options include either cash or credit card.

GrabBike price list

TypeBooking feeBasePrice per KM
GrabBike25 THB 5.1 < KM
50 THB 5.1 > KM
5 THB/KM (2.1KM – 5KM)
10 THB/KM (5.1KM – 15KM)
15 THB/KM (15.1 > KM)
Prices subject to change check App for latest

Another bike taxi competitor, GET Thailand will enter the market in 2020.  Prices will be updated once they release their tariff.


Uber no longer operates in Thailand, but there are plenty of services that are just as good.

Need a ride? The Grab app supports car and bike hire services on par with what Uber used to offer.  The app is convenient, user-friendly, and supports multiple payment options.

Hungry? Foodpanda offers a broader selection of restaurants compared to what UberEATS Thailand offered. It also operates in multiple locations throughout Thailand.

What app will you choose?

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