Is Go City Legit? 7 Reasons Why (with Pros and Cons) 2023

Is Go City a reliable choice for city attraction passes?

In this article, I’ve outlined seven reasons why I think it’s a legitimate and safe option for your next city break.

I’ve used the Go City pass myself while exploring Bangkok; check out my hands-on review article where I discuss what traveler type would benefit most from it.

What is Go City?

Go City is a well-known provider of travel activity passes, offering access to a wide range of activities in over 30 cities worldwide, including iconic destinations like New York, London, and Singapore.

One of the primary advantages of opting for a Go City pass, as opposed to buying individual tickets, is the potential for cost savings, particularly when exploring multiple attractions.

However, it’s important to note that you won’t get the cost benefits of the pass if you plan to visit only a single attraction.

To cater to different travel styles and preferences, Go City offers two main types of passes: All-inclusive and Explorer.

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Is Go City legit?

Yes, Go City is a reputable company with a well-established presence in the tourism industry and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Founded in 1998, they have over two decades of experience and have forged partnerships with leading companies in the sector.

Their trust reputation is built on a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, by offering dedicated customer support and providing risk-free guarantees, including a 90-day refund policy.

7 Reasons Why Go City is Legit, Safe, and Reliable

1. Established Reputation

Go City is a well-established platform for travel activity passes with a vast customer base of over 7.5 million travelers worldwide. It is renowned for its extensive inventory of attractions and its global reach.

They’ve been in the activity tourism business for over 20 years, starting in 1998. With offices in London, Boston, Singapore, and New York, they employ over 200 people.

Go City also operates some of the most popular standalone passes in the industry, including The New York Pass, The London Pass, and The Paris Pass.

Their well-established reputation in the industry makes them a legitimate and reliable service for booking traveler passes.

Go City in numbers:

7.5 million

2. Customer support

Whether you have questions about their services or encounter pass-related issues, Go City has a dedicated customer support team that you can easily reach via email or phone.

Additionally, they offer a convenient chatbot for answering general inquiries about their services.

Go City Chat Bot
Go City Chat Bot

With solid customer support channels, you can trust Go City to address service-related concerns effectively.

3. Risk-free Guarantees

Go City offers a range of risk-free guarantees aimed at delivering on their commitment to saving you money with their passes while also accommodating changes to your plans.

Savings Guarantee: If you purchase a pass but don’t end up saving money compared to buying individual tickets, you can request a refund.

90-Day Refund Policy: Should you change your mind about your pass purchase, Go City offers a refund policy that allows you to get your money back within 90 days.

Plan Changes: The passes come with a generous 2-year validity period, giving you the flexibility to use them in the future. Just remember that this applies as long as you haven’t activated the pass yet.

Go City Guarantees

4. Secure booking process

Go City prioritizes your security when making bookings:

Data Encryption: Go City uses SSL encryption during the booking process to safeguard your personal information when transmitted over public networks.

Secure Payments: Go City relies on a trusted third-party service called Braintree by PayPal for secure payments. This means that sensitive credit card details are not stored on Go City’s side.

In simpler terms, Go City is committed to securing its platform to make it safe for customer transactions and privacy.

5. International Presence

Go City is an international company offering its passes in over 17 different countries worldwide and offices in every major continent.

They’re also in the process of expanding, as evidenced by their recent introduction of new cities like Bangkok in 2022, as part of their ongoing Asian expansion efforts.

With their widespread global presence and ongoing expansion initiatives, Go City inspires confidence in their success and their ability to cater to the travel needs of customers around the world.

6. Transparent

Go City maintains a straightforward pricing structure, ensuring no hidden costs when offering their passes to customers.

Customers can choose between two pass options, the All-Inclusive Pass or the Explorer Pass, based on their travel plans.

  • All-Inclusive Pass: This pass gives you unlimited admission to all the Go City partner attractions in your chosen city for a set period (usually 1-7 days).
  • Explorer Pass: This pass allows you to choose a specific number of attractions from the Go City partner list.
Go City Bangkok Passes

7. Media coverage

Go City is a brand that has garnered attention from prominent news outlets such as Phocuswire, Yahoo, and WIT (Web in Travel).

The media coverage typically revolves around the company’s partnerships and expansions, which further instills confidence in the company’s success and legitimacy.

Pros & Cons of Go City


  • Savings: You can save money when visiting popular city attractions compared to buying individual tickets.
  • Efficient Booking: The booking process is streamlined, offering a more convenient alternative to traditional on-the-day ticket purchases at attraction ticket booths.
  • Flexibility: If your travel plans change and you haven’t activated the pass, you have the option to request a refund.


  • Single Attraction: It may not be the ideal choice if you plan to visit only one attraction, as the cost savings may not be significant.
  • Limited Selection: The pass is limited to activities offered by Go City in each specific city, which means you have to choose from their selection of attractions.
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