Is Legit? 10 Reasons Why (with Cautions)

If you’re wondering about the safety and reliability of booking traveler services on, you’ve come to the right article.

As someone who has personally used for over 10 years in multiple countries around the globe, I have come to trust the brand and streamlined booking platform.

In this article, I will share 10 reasons why is a reliable platform for booking your next holiday. Additionally, based on my personal experience, I will provide some cautions to keep in mind to avoid potential issues.

Is legit?

In short, yes. is a reputable online booking platform known for its established reputation, verified reviews, millions of trusted customers, secure platform, and multiple booking options, including free cancellation and best price match.

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Let’s take a deeper look at why…

10 Reasons Why is Legit, Safe, and Reliable

1. Established Reputation has an established reputation as a major online travel booking platform. It was founded in 1996 and has been operating for over 27 years, making it one of the longest-running online travel platforms.

The company’s reach extends to over 220 countries and territories, with services available in 40 languages. This includes significant regions such as Europe, the US, and Asia.

Since 2005, has been part of the Booking Holdings group, which encompasses other well-known travel companies like Agoda, RentalCars, and Kayak. The fact that the group is publicly listed on the Nasdaq further ensures that undergoes audits and is highly regulated, adding to its reliability. collaborates with travel partners worldwide to offer various booking options, including accommodation, flights, packages, car rentals, attractions, and airport transfers. This comprehensive offering makes it a convenient one-stop platform for travel bookings.

Caution ⚠️

While is a leading travel platform, I usually always compare prices with competitors to secure the best deals. If you do find a cheaper option, offers a best-price guarantee.

2. Wide Selection of Hotels

The platform offers a wide selection of properties, with over 2.7 million hotels and resorts available.

Additionally, it boasts a collection of over 2 million private homes and apartments, catering to customers who prefer alternative types of accommodation similar to what is offered on Airbnb.

The platform provides various search filters such as Property Type, Review Score, Room Facilities, and Star Rating to make it easy for customers to find specific accommodations that meet their travel needs. This allows customers to narrow down their results and find compromises that align with their preferences.

Caution ⚠️

While the platform offers a vast selection of accommodations, finding the perfect property may be challenging, so I’ve found that using a combination of filters to refine the search results is the best way to find the perfect property.

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3. Verified Reviews boasts an extensive collection of over 250 million verified customer reviews, providing valuable insights for users to decide about hotels that align with their travel needs.

Once a customer has booked on the platform, they can leave a review based on their experience with the accommodation. These reviews are then available for other customers to peruse, helping them determine if the property suits their needs.

The review system on also includes advanced filters, allowing users to select reviews based on traveler types, such as families, couples, or solo travelers.

Additionally, users can search for reviews based on specific topics, such as room quality, location, check-in process, and even in different languages.

One unique feature of the review system is that accommodation providers can respond to reviews that can also be viewed by other customers allowing a more interactive and transparent exchange of feedback between guests and providers.

Caution ⚠️

It’s important to note that newer properties on the platform may have few reviews. In this scenario, I usually do additional research on the property by visiting their official website or viewing reviews on Google or social media.

4. Secure Booking Process prioritizes protecting personal data and credit card information through encryption and other security standards, as outlined in its privacy terms.

Additionally, industry-standard SSL is employed to secure requests to and from their servers. maintains a dedicated security team that enforces stringent measures and proactively addresses potential threats to bolster security further.

Furthermore, they conduct a bug bounty program, where ethical hackers and security experts actively identify and report vulnerabilities in the system to improve its security continuously.

Caution ⚠️

Users must be vigilant and take ownership of their security when using the platform. This means implementing robust security practices such as employing a strong password, enabling 2-factor authentication, exercising caution against phishing scams, and refraining from sharing account details with others.

5. Best Price Guarantee offers a Best Price Guarantee, where if you find the accommodation you booked through cheaper on another platform, they will refund the difference.

This service, called ‘We Price Match’, has specific criteria outlined in their terms that must be met for eligibility.

To make a price match claim, you must do so at least 24 hours before the check-in date.

This feature is especially beneficial for customers concerned about getting the best price on the platform, as it allows them to compare prices with other providers and make a claim based on the company’s terms.

The claim process can be easily managed through your account on’s online website or mobile application.

Caution ⚠️

It’s important to be aware that the claim process may take time to resolve, so another option is to book a property with free cancellation and then cancel upon finding a better deal.

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6. Free Cancellation Options offers many properties with flexible cancellation policies, including free cancellation options, which are great for customers who may have a change of plans for their trip and need to cancel or change their dates.

However, it’s important to note that some properties may have non-refundable cancellation policies, so it’s crucial to check the cancellation policy of the property you’re booking, especially if you anticipate potential changes in your plans in the future.

Based on my experience with, the cheaper room options are typically non-refundable, and you may need to select a more expensive room option to have a refundable booking.

If you specifically want a property with free cancellation, the platform provides a filter on the search page that allows you to filter by cancellation policy, making it easy to find properties with free cancellation options.

Caution ⚠️

Always check the cancellation policy terms before booking to avoid potential loss of funds if your travel plans change unexpectedly.

7. Customer Service 24/7 provides 24/7 customer service through various channels, including phone, online chat, and email, making it convenient to seek support for general booking inquiries or make changes to your booking.

You can also direct message the accommodation representative of the property you booked through the platform, which is helpful for informing them of check-in or asking general questions about the property.

All these communication options can be managed through’s website and mobile applications, making interacting with their customer service team easy.

Based on my personal experience with the platform, their customer service is responsive and prompt in handling requests.

Caution ⚠️

It’s advisable to make any booking amendments through customer service in advance to avoid any disappointment during your stay rather than trying to contact them at the last minute.

8. Easy Booking Process has made its booking process simple and easy for users. You can easily select your destination, criteria, property, and room and reserve the booking by entering your personal and payment details.

The booking form on the platform clearly outlines your selection, allowing you to confirm everything before making the purchase.

The price is broken down to include any related taxes, VAT, or applied discounts, providing transparency in the pricing.

Once you have booked, you can manage it through your account on’s website or mobile application. This lets you view booking details, make amendments, and contact the property directly.

Caution ⚠️

It’s important to review your booking selection carefully to avoid the need to contact customer support for any amendments after the booking has been made.

9. Trusted Payment Methods offers trusted payment methods for users, accepting all major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard.

In most cases, a credit card or other form of payment is required to confirm a booking, although some properties may have different policies and allow reservations without pre-authorization.

One convenient feature on is that some properties allow you to pay upon check-in. This means you only need to reserve the hotel through and can pay directly to the hotel upon check-in, eliminating the need for pre-payment.

In addition to credit cards, also offers alternative payment solutions such as PayPal and Apple Pay, although availability may vary depending on the location.

Caution ⚠️

It’s important to review the price breakdown on the booking form for any additional fees associated with different payment types, such as credit cards, to avoid surprises.

10. Online Community has a vibrant online community chat forum where travelers can find helpful tips and tricks for their trips. Users can ask questions and seek travel advice from other community members to better plan their journeys.

The community is organized by location, allowing users to select their desired destination and access a forum page where fellow members ask questions, offer support, and share their travel experiences.

In addition to fellow travelers, local experts can join the ambassador program to provide insider information based on their experience living and traveling in a specific location.

Caution ⚠️

It’s important to avoid using the community section to ask questions about your specific booking and instead contact’s dedicated customer support service directly.

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If you’re still not convinced that is the right online booking platform for your travels, you can compare it with another reliable travel platform like Agoda.

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