How To Get To The Grand Palace Bangkok

Not sure how to get to The Grand Palace? In this guide, we outline the various transportation options.

Location of The Grand Palace

Situated in Bangkok’s traditional old town area, The Grand Palace is on the picturesque banks of the Chao Phraya River.

Popular tourist attractions near The Grand Palace include Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Museum Siam, and Saranrom Park.

Address: Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Opening hours: 8:30 – 15:30

How to get to The Grand Palace?

The easiest route to reach The Grand Palace is via the MRT train system.

Hop on the train heading to Sanam Chai Station, then walk 15 minutes to the temple or take a local tuk-tuk taxi ride.

You can also take a taxi directly to the temple if you prefer a more comfortable journey, either by hailing a local curbside taxi or using a ride-hailing app.

Let’s take a look at each option in detail:


Although the Grand Palace is not directly connected to an MRT or BTS system, it is within walking distance.

From the MRT Sanam Chai station, which is a mere 15-minute walk away, you can take the journey along the scenic path which takes you past Wat Pho.

However, if walking isn’t your preference, fret not! You can easily opt for a tuk-tuk or taxi ride from the station to the palace.

It’s worth noting that the MRT system in Bangkok is connected to the BTS system via BTS stations Asoke or Sala Daeng.

Insider tip:

If you decide to walk from the train station to the palace, remember to protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen and a hat.

  • Avoid Bangkoks traffic
  • The Grand Palace is not directly connected to the MRT system, requiring additional travel (e.g., walking or transferring to another mode of transport).


The Grand Palace is also accessible by boat along the Chao Phraya River; the closest pier is Chang Pier, a short walk from the palace grounds.

Start by locating the nearest pier along the Chao Phraya River, such as Sathorn Pier or Central Pier.

Once there, purchase a ticket for the Chao Phraya Express Boat, which offers various routes along the river.

Upon reaching Tha Chang Pier, disembark and follow the signs or ask for directions to the Grand Palace. It’s just a short walk from the pier to reach the palace entrance.

Keep in mind the boats’ operating hours so you can plan your return journey accordingly.

  • The scenic journey along the Chao Phraya River
  • Provides direct access to Tha Chang Pier, which is close to the Grand Palace entrance
  • Limited boat routes may require additional walking or transfers to reach the desired pier
  • Boat schedules can be subject to delays or changes


One of the most convenient ways to reach The Grand Palace is by taxi. You can easily hail a public roadside taxi or use popular ride-hailing apps like Grab or Bolt.

It’s important to note that Bangkok is notorious for its traffic, so be aware that this could be a potential drawback when using a taxi.

To avoid getting stuck in heavy traffic, plan your visit during non-peak hours and avoid rush hour times.

When taking a taxi to The Grand Palace, inform the driver of your destination or use a ride-hailing app to enter “The Grand Palace” as your destination.

Since the palace is a well-known tourist attraction, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties communicating the location to the taxi driver.

If you’re looking to save on transportation costs, opting for a public taxi is a good choice, as ride-hailing services often include additional fees such as booking charges and higher prices during peak hours.

  • Offers door-to-door convenience and can be easily hailed or booked through ride-hailing apps
  • Traffic congestion in Bangkok, especially during peak hours, can significantly increase travel time
  • Taxi fares may vary, and some drivers may try to charge higher rates for tourists


One popular way for tourists to reach The Grand Palace is by using a Tuk-tuk, a traditional three-wheeled taxi in Bangkok.

You can find Tuk-tuks conveniently located in popular tourist areas throughout the city and at major transport hubs.

When boarding a Tuk-tuk, inform the driver that you want to go to The Grand Palace.

Tuk-tuk drivers may try to charge higher fares, especially to tourists. Therefore, it’s advisable to negotiate the price with the driver.

If you feel the initial fare is unfair, you can always try to negotiate with another driver.

Remember that Tuk-tuk fares are typically higher than taxi fares since they do not operate on a meter. The final price depends on your negotiating skills and tactics.

Remember to pay the fare upon arrival at your destination and not upfront. This ensures that you are paying the agreed-upon amount for the Tuk-tuk ride.

  • Unique and iconic way to travel around Bangkok
  • Tuk-tuks are open-air vehicles providing limited protection from the weather or air pollution
  • Fare negotiation is required, and prices can be higher compared to other modes of transport.


Another road transport option to reach The Grand Palace is by taking a public bus.

Several bus stops are located near the palace, such as Bus Stop Sanamluang or Bus Stop Tha Phra Chan, making it easily accessible by bus.

Using the bus to reach the palace is a budget-friendly choice. However, it’s important to note that Bangkok’s buses quality can vary.

Some buses may be outdated and lack air conditioning, so be prepared for potential discomfort during the journey.

Like other road transport options in Bangkok, buses are susceptible to getting stuck in the city’s notorious traffic.

Planning your visit accordingly and allowing extra time for potential delays is advisable.

  • Affordable
  • The extensive network of bus routes covers various areas of Bangkok
  • Buses can be dated and crowded
  • Traffic congestion may impact travel time

Private Car

If you have a car, use a navigation app or GPS to locate the route to the Grand Palace.

Consider the traffic conditions in Bangkok, especially during peak hours. Park your car in designated parking areas near the Grand Palace, and be prepared to pay parking fees.

Follow the signs or ask for directions to the entrance of the Grand Palace. Remember to dress appropriately to respect the cultural norms.

  • Provides flexibility, privacy, and comfort during the journey
  • Parking near the Grand Palace may be limited, especially during busy periods

Best times to visit The Grand Palace

To enjoy a more pleasant visit with fewer crowds, arriving at the Grand Palace early in the morning, shortly after it opens, is best.

Weekdays are generally less crowded than weekends, so consider planning your visit on a weekday if possible.

Avoid visiting during Thai public holidays and major festivals as they attract larger crowds to the Grand Palace.

For a more comfortable experience, plan your visit during the cooler months of November to February, when the weather in Bangkok is more pleasant.

Please remember that the Grand Palace can be particularly busy during peak tourist seasons, such as December and January.

If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of March to April or October to November, when tourist numbers are slightly lower.

Insider tip

Remember that Bangkok’s midday hours can be extremely hot, so plan your visit accordingly by staying hydrated and taking breaks to cool down.

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