Go City Review – Is It Worth It? (2024)

Is the Go City pass worth it for your next city adventure? This article is your inside scoop on the Go City pass.

I go in-depth into the different package choices, the purchasing process, the types of travelers the pass is suitable for (and those for whom it is not), and suggestions for maximizing the pass benefits.

Why should you trust me?

I’ve used the Go City pass in Bangkok to explore various attractions so I have firsthand experience using the service.

So, let’s not waste any time – let’s dive right in!

What is Go City?

Go City is a travel platform that offers activity passes for more than 30 cities across 17 countries worldwide.

Depending on your budget, travel plans, and itinerary, you can purchase a pass for a specific city and gain access to Go City’s collection of attractions.

With the pass, you can explore multiple attractions without buying individual tickets at each venue.

The app saved me time and money (I saved 30%) during my sightseeing adventure in Bangkok.

Why trust Go City? Check out why I think it’s legit, safe, and reliable.

How does Go City work?

Go City offers two package options: the all-inclusive pass and the explorer pass. Upon purchase, you receive a QR code through the app which acts as your attraction pass.

When you arrive at an activity in your chosen city, show your QR code from the app at the venue’s ticketing booth.

The staff will scan your QR code and give you access to the venue by providing the necessary tickets.

All-Inclusive Pass

This pass allows you to visit unlimited attractions within your chosen 2, 3, 4, or 5-day timeframe.

The All-inclusive Pass is Ideal for travelers aiming to make the most of their trip by visiting numerous sights and attractions.

It offers significant savings if you explore multiple attractions at your chosen city.

Explorer Pass

This pass grants access to 2 to 7 attractions (depending on your choice/budget) over 60 days after activating your ticket.

The Explorer Pass suits travelers seeking flexibility in their plans, focusing on specific activities.

The 60-day duration offers ample time to explore attractions at your own pace during your city break.

In my case, I opted for the Explorer Pass in Bangkok. This pass suited my travel plans because I had no rigid activity schedule and preferred the flexibility to choose attractions aligned with my itinerary.

Still, trying to decide which pass is suitable for you? here is an overview:

Pass typeOptionsValid forSuitable for
All-Inclusive Pass2-5 daysNumber of days selectedIf you’re aiming to maximize your itinerary with numerous attractions within 2-5 days.
Explorer Pass2-7 attractions60 days or until the maximum attraction visit has been reachedMore flexibility by selecting specific attractions spread over 60 days.

*Important – check the official website for full pass terms

How to buy a Go City pass

You can purchase the Go City pass by visiting the official Go City website.

I found the website user-friendly and the booking process seamless from start to finish.

To buy a Go City pass, follow these steps

  1. Choose the city you’ll be visiting.
  2. Select the type of pass you want (all-inclusive or explorer pass).
  3. Decide on your criteria for your pass (2-5 days for all-inclusive or 2-7 activities for Explorer Pass)
  4. Complete the checkout process and make payment.
  5. Follow the instructions in the email to download the app (available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store).
  6. Sync your pass purchase with the app (instructions provided in the booking email).
  7. Now, you’re all set to enjoy your city break!
Go City homepage – select city.
Go City - Select pass duration
Go City website – select pass duration.

How to use the Go City Pass (already purchased)

Follow these steps to visit an activity and start using your Go City pass:

  1. Launch the Go City pass app.
  2. Choose the city where your pass is valid.
  3. Explore the activities. You can either search or use the in-app map to find nearby attractions.
  4. Add your desired attractions to your favorites list.
  5. Develop your city itinerary based on attraction locations. Note that certain attractions may require pre-booking – the app indicates which ones.
  6. Arrive at the venue and present your pass QR code.
  7. Receive your venue tickets.
  8. Upon visiting the venue, the pass activates and expires in accordance with your selected package. For instance, a fully inclusive 2-day pass will expire after 2 days upon activation.
Go Pass ticket within the app

Should you get the Go City pass?

The Go City pass might only suit every traveler.

Let’s explore the reasons why it could be a fantastic choice for your travel plans, as well as reasons why there might be better fits.

Who is the Go City suitable for?

The Go City pass targets tourists who want to experience activities in popular cities while saving time and money.

It’s designed to cater to multiple traveler types, including solo explorers, families, and groups interested in exploring attractions offered within Go City’s inventory.

Moreover, the pass is suitable for those who want flexibility when selecting an activity pass, with the option of all-inclusive or explorer packages.

Who is the Go City pass NOT suitable for?

The Go City pass caters to travelers seeking to explore multiple attractions in a city rather than those aiming to visit just one site during their trip.

This pass may not be the best fit for individuals who enjoy a more spontaneous travel schedule.

Similarly, there might be better options than this pass if you have limited time in a city, such as a single day.

For those who prefer the flexibility of paying for attractions on-site rather than pre-purchasing, there are better choices than the pass.

It’s important to note that the Go City pass is only valid at specific partner venues, so check attractions in their inventory first to see if they pique your interest.

Go City in Bangkok worth it? My Experience and savings

I chose the 3-attraction Explorer Pass in Bangkok to prioritize flexibility in arranging my activities rather than selecting a package with a fixed day limit (all-inclusive).

My Bangkok itinerary with the Go City pass encompassed of a journey through The Ancient City, a Mahanakhon Skywalk experience, and a delightful meal at Nara Thai restaurant.

Nara restaurant
Ancient City

While the Go City pass provided access to The Ancient City, it’s essential to understand that it didn’t cover additional transportation within the museum’s grounds. In order to fully explore the site, I decided to rent a golf buggy, incurring an additional cost of approximately 350 THB.

It’s important to note that the Go City pass is an entry ticket only and doesn’t extend to additional services.

My verdict

Overall, my experience with this Go Pass was favorable, and I recommend it if your intention aligns with exploring the attractions featured on Go City.

Nevertheless, I would not buy the pass if most of the attractions weren’t places that would naturally pique your interest during a visit to a major city.

My experience using the pass

I started by identifying the attractions I was interested in visiting through the app by browsing their partner venues.

Upon arriving at each venue, I presented the app, and the venue staff promptly scanned or captured a photo of the pass.

Remarkably, I encountered no difficulties with any of the attractions; each one recognized and effortlessly accepted the pass.

This seamless process suggests that Go City maintains a closely-knit relationship with its partner venues, ensuring hassle-free check-in.

Insider tip:

If you decide to purchase the pass, ensure you have a cellular connection or download the pass QR code directly from within the app.

How much did I save?

The 3-attraction explorer pass in Bangkok costs 1999 THB or 56 USD.

I’ve broken down the cost of each individual attraction without the pass, and my total savings came out to be 845 THB, which is around 30%!

It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t select the most expensive experiences in Bangkok, such as dinner river cruises.

So, there’s potential for even greater savings based on your choices.

My price savings breakdown

AttractionPrice (THB)Details
The Ancient City700Official price on The Ancient City website
Mahanakhon Skywalk1,080Estimate from the Go City site
Nara Set Menu1,064Estimate from the Go City site

Total Savings


8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Go City Pass:

  1. Plan Ahead: Research attractions and create an itinerary.
  2. Start Early: Start your sightseeing early in the day to maximize your time.
  3. Choose Carefully: Opt for attractions that truly interest you.
  4. Prioritize Top Choices: Begin with attractions that are pricier.
  5. Stay Flexible: Be ready to adjust your plans due to weather or unexpected closures (some outdoor attractions might be closed during rain).
  6. Use the App: Utilize the app for maps and detailed information on the venue.
  7. Confirm Opening Hours: Double-check attraction hours before heading out.
  8. Check Reservation Requirements: Check if a reservation is required, as some attractions require pre-booking.

What cities are covered by the Go City app?

The list you provided contains 30 cities across 17 different countries.

United States:

  • New York City, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Chicago, IL
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Miami, FL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Boston, MA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • San Diego, CA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Oahu, HI
  • San Antonio, TX


  • London, UK
  • Paris, France
  • Rome, Italy
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Gothenburg, Sweden


  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore


  • Sydney, Australia

South America:

  • Cancun, Mexico

Middle East:

  • Dubai, UAE

Disclaimer – findyouthere.com is not a representative of Go City. Check their website for their latest terms and services.

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