How to Get to Pattaya From Bangkok Airport (Taxi, Bus & Transfer)

Situated near Bangkok Airport, Pattaya stands as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, renowned for its scenic beachside location and many resorts offering abundant choices for travelers.

How To Get From Bangkok Airport To Pattaya

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) has direct transport to Pattaya by taxi, airport transfer, or scheduled bus.

The best way of traveling from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya is by car (airport transfer or taxi), covering a 150-km distance in approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes, with an estimated cost of around 1,400 THB.

For a more budget-friendly alternative, explore public transport such as a bus, which takes 2-3 hours at a lower cost of 143 THB.

Overview of Bangkok Airport (BKK) to Pattaya transport options

TypeFareJourney time
Airport transfer (Editors Choice🥇)1,500+ THB2 hours
Taxi1,500+ THB2 hours
Bus143 THB2 hours 30 minutes

Airport transfer (Editors Choice🥇)

The most convenient way to travel to Pattaya is by airport transfer, which can be pre-booked before you arrive in Thailand.

This is my favorite way of getting to and from the airport in Pattaya based on the convenience of avoiding the stress of securing a public taxi or bus.

Customize the journey by selecting your pickup date, time, specific vehicle type, and the number of passengers.

The transfer driver will wait for you at the arrivals exit and escort you to the vehicle. This is an excellent service because Suvarnabhumi Airport is large, and finding your way around can be difficult if it’s your first time there.

Options for airport transfer to Pattaya include Welcome Pickups or Klook, with prices start from 1,500 THB. The journey to Pattaya takes around 2 hours.

Tips for getting a private trasnfer from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya

  • Book in advance: Consider companies with good reputations and reviews.
  • Choose the right vehicle: Consider your group size, luggage space, desired comfort level, and budget. Options include sedans, SUVs, and minibusses.
  • Door-to-door convenience and hassle-free experience.
  • Pre-booking ensures availability and avoids waiting times.
  • Fixed fare eliminates negotiation hassle and potential taxi scams.
  • Wide range of vehicle options for solo travelers, groups, or families.
  • Professional and reliable service, often with English-speaking drivers.
  • It is costlier than most other options, especially compared to public transport.
  • Traffic congestion can significantly impact travel time.
  • Requires phone access to contact the driver.

Public Taxi (Metered)

Bangkok Taxi

Public taxis can be found on the ground floor level one after exiting the arrivals hall. Book a public taxi using the automatic taxi ticket machines, which provide a ticket with a lane number where you’ll find your driver.

Public taxis from the airport should always be running a meter so double-check with the driver that the meter is on before accepting the ride.

A taxi from Bangkok Airport (BKK) to Pattaya will range from 1,500-2,000 THB, including a 50 THB airport surcharge, 105 THB toll fees, and any charges for additional luggage (more than two large pieces of luggage).

Taxi drivers at the airport mainly operate within the Bangkok area and might not be familiar with Pattaya streets, so have your hotel address ready for the driver to pin on their phone.

Tips for getting a taxi from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya

  • Insist on Meters: Always ask the driver to use the meter at the beginning of the ride and agree to a fixed fare for longer distances.
  • Know your destination: Familiarize yourself with your destination, and if there are communication issues with the driver, show them the location on Google Maps.
  • Avoid Rush Hours: Bangkok and Pattaya can be intense during rush hours (morning and evening).
  • Cash is King: Most taxis at the Bangkok airport will only accept cash, so prepare cash beforehand before accepting a ride.
  • Pickup directly at the airport after exiting the arrivals hall
  • A good option for large groups or heavy luggage.
  • Expensive, especially during peak hours
  • Traffic congestion can significantly impact travel time.
  • Cash only
  • Queues to get a taxi at the airport during peek hours

Public Bus

A direct bus (#389) to Pattaya is operated by Roong Reuang Coach, available at ground level 1 gate 8.

Operating from 7 am-10 pm out of Suvarnabhumi, the bus journey takes around 2 hours 30 minutes and arrives at Jomtien Bus Station (Pattaya).

There is air conditioning, seat belts, ample luggage storage, and a toilet onboard.

A ticket can be bought at the customer service counter at level 1 for 143 THB per person or pre-booked online at 12Go for 197 THB per person.

Tips for taking a bus from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya

  • Plan: Book your tickets in advance, especially during peak season, but be prepared for potential delays or schedule changes.
  • Pack lightly: Luggage space on trains can be limited, especially in 3rd class carriages.
  • Budget-friendly option directly to Pattaya from BKK
  • It is a good option for light travelers or backpackers on a tight budget.
  • It is the slowest option due to multiple stops and potential traffic congestion.
  • Limited luggage space and can be crowded, especially with large bags.

Thailand transport tips

Stay safe and prepared if you plan to travel when using transport in Thailand.

Below are a few tips based on my personal experience traveling in Thailand

  • Get travel insurance: It’s always a good idea to have travel insurance to cover unexpected events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage.
  • Look after your belongings: Keep your valuables like passports, phones, and wallets secure and within reach.
  • Download essential travel apps: From navigation maps to language translators.
  • Check weather conditions: Thailand can experience heavy rain and flooding during certain months, so monitor the weather before your trip.
  • Prepare route: Plan your route using Google Maps or a trip planner
  • Keep note of emergency services: Note important emergency contacts such as ambulance, police, or hospital numbers.
    • Police: 191
    • Tourist police: 1155
    • Ambulance: 1669
    • Fire: 199
  • Follow the local regulations: When using any form of transportation, always follow the local regulations, including wearing a seat belt in a car.
  • Follow the advice: your country will have guidelines for traveling within Thailand. Some examples below:


Are there direct trains from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya?

There are no direct trains from Bangkok Airport (BKK) to Pattaya. However, you can catch a train from Bangkok city, although this would entail using additional transportation methods.

Before you go…

Planning a trip to Pattaya from the city instead of the airport? Look at my guide detailing the different transportation options from downtown Bangkok to Pattaya.

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