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Does Amazon Ship to Thailand? (How To, Rates & More) 2023

Are you an avid Amazon shopper living in Thailand? Do you want to know if Amazon can deliver your favorite products to your doorstep? Look no further! In this article, I’ll provide you with all the essential information you need to know about shipping Amazon products to Thailand.

So, does Amazon ship to Thailand?

Amazon offers multiple shipping options to Thailand, but only on eligible products that meet specific size and weight restrictions. Shipping rates to Thailand start from $5.99, depending on the size and weight of the product. Additional import fees will be added to the order total to settle import taxes.

Many articles I found online lacked accurate information on shipping from Amazon to Thailand, so I decided to create a comprehensive overview from my recent experience.

How to ship Amazon to Thailand?

Shipping to Thailand on Amazon is easy; all you need is an Amazon account, a supported payment method such as a credit card, and a product that is eligible for international shipping.

➡️ To find products eligible for shipping to Thailand, check the international product category page on Amazon.

Factors to consider with shopping on Amazon:

  • Eligibility – is the product eligible to be shipped to Thailand
  • Shipping – International shipping rates from AmazonGlobal will depend on product size and weight
  • Delivery time – Shipping to Thailand can take 1-4 weeks
  • Shipping restrictions – Shipping banned items in Thailand
  • Import duties – Amazon will collect an Import Fees Deposit (if any) which should cover the import tax
  • Returns Policy – Most products can be returned within 30 days free of charge, including a full refund


Interested to know if a specific product is eligible for shipping to Thailand? Follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Access

Step 2: Select “Deliver to” in the header (located beside the Amazon logo)

Step 3: Select Thailand or add your address in Thailand

Step 4: Select a product and check if it is eligible for shipping. The price info also shows a breakdown of import/shipping fees.


International shipping costs on Amazon vary depending on weight, size, and destination address. Amazon offers multiple shipping options, including standard post and international couriers such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL, although not all orders will qualify for all shipping methods.

Shipping methods available, including starting rates:

AmazonGlobal Standard – starting from $5.99
AmazonGlobal Expedited – starting from $10.99
AmazonGlobal Priority Courier – starting from $13.99

Unfortunately, there is no free shipping option to Thailand.

Delivery Time

Amazon delivery times to Thailand will vary depending on the selected shipping method, product availability, customs clearance hold-ups, and shipping carrier delays.

Shipping will take anywhere between 5 to 20 days.

Standard shipping can take up to 20 days, expedited shipping can take up to 10 days, and priority shipping can take up to 8 days.

Delivery estimates:

AmazonGlobal Standard – up to 20 days
AmazonGlobal Expedited – 5-10 days
AmazonGlobal Priority Courier – up to 8 days

An international delivery estimate is available during the checkout process. Tracking is available for all shipping methods through your Amazon account dashboard under the orders section.

Shipping Restrictions

Specific shipping restrictions apply to international shipping To Thailand from Amazon, including prohibited import items, size/weight restrictions, and carrier restrictions.

Prohibited items such as controlled chemicals, firearms, counterfeit foods, and electric cigarettes can’t be imported into Thailand. Check the full list on the official Thai customs website.

Size and weight restrictions may apply if a package is too heavy for standard shipping. These items should already be flagged as Amazon as not eligible for international shipping.

Specific carrier restrictions specific may apply for items that carriers refuse to ship under their terms agreements classed as prohibited, restricted, or dangerous goods.

Check the specific carrier for restrictions:

Import Duties

If your purchase on Amazon exceeds 1,500 THB, Thai customs import rules mandate the application of an import tax upon the arrival of your item(s) in Thailand. However, you can avoid paying the tax on arrival as Amazon levies the tax on the total price of your purchase.

If your purchase is eligible for import tax Amazon will apply it under Import Fees Deposit which is an estimate of custom fees.

The value of import duties you’re required to pay varies depending on the type of product, total value, and shipping costs. Use an independent shipping tax calculator to help estimate your custom duties outside Amazon.

Returns Policy

If eligible, Amazon offers a 30-day full return policy on purchases shipped to Thailand, and they will also cover the return shipping fee if processed through their partner package courier providers.

Some items on Amazon can’t be returned, and some sellers on Amazon have specific returns policies, so always check return conditions upon checkout.

Returns can be processed through the orders section in your Amazon account dashboard.

Alternative shipping methods to get Amazon products in Thailand

If the product you’re interested in cannot be shipped directly to Thailand or you prefer to use a third party for shipping, parcel forwarding services can be an alternative option for getting Amazon products to Thailand.

Parcel forwarding services offer a solution for shipping Amazon products to Thailand by providing you with an address in a country where Amazon operates. You can use this address to have your Amazon purchase delivered. Once the parcel forwarding service receives your package, they will forward the delivery to your Thai address.

Another option is to send your Amazon package to a friend or family member with an address in the US, UK, or Europe and then have them forward it to you in Thailand.


Fortunately, Amazon does offer to ship to Thailand as long as the product meets certain eligibility requirements regarding size, weight, and restrictions. Multiple shipping options are available starting from $5.99.

If your purchase is over 1,500 THB, Amazon will apply a custom duties deposit fee to your total to cover any taxes the delivery incurs on delivery.

Alternative delivery methods, such as parcel forwarding services, are available if a product on Amazon doesn’t ship to Thailand.

So there you have it. Now time to shop till you drop!


Is Amazon shopping available in Thailand?

Amazon ships to Thailand eligible products that meet size, weight, and import restrictions requirements.

Can I use Amazon Prime in Thailand?

Amazon Prime video streaming service has been available in Thailand since 2022, with subscription prices starting from 149 THB per month.

How do I change Amazon to Thailand?

There is no Amazon-specific portal for Thailand, but you can access products that can be shipped to Thailand by changing the “Deliver to” option in the header to “Thailand”.

Is there to equivalent Amazon in Thailand?

Lazada and Shopee are Thailand’s most popular e-commerce platforms that offer similar services to Amazon.

What items cannot be shipped to Thailand on Amazon?

Items deemed restricted or prohibited can’t be shipped from Amazon to Thailand. See the full list on the customs Thailand website.

How much does it cost to send a package to Thailand on Amazon?

Amazon shipping costs start from $5.99 for standard delivery, but additional fees, such as customs charges, may be added.

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