3 Ways To Watch Netflix In Thailand

Want to get your Netflix fix while traveling or living in Thailand? This easy, helpful guide will show you how.

1. Watch Netflix in Thailand with a local subscription

Netflix has been available in Thailand from January 2016.  Since then it has steadily increased its offering of well-known blockbuster titles as-well-as local Thai and Asain shows.

The monthly price for a Netflix Thailand package ranges from THB 99 (mobile-only) to THB 419 (Ultra HD 4k). Packages are priced based on the number of simultaneous screen sessions and the image quality of the stream. 

Netlfix Thailand has a unique mobile-only package, which is only THB 99 per month. It’s possible to use this package with a smart TV by casting your mobile screen. This mobile-only package is not available in the US or UK.

Netflix Thailand’s quality options include Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD – 1080p), and Ultra High Definition (UHD – 4k).

Subscriptions require a credit card or Netflix gift card which are available at a local 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, or Tesco store with credit amounts of THB 500, THB 1,000, and THB 1,500.

Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial in Thailand. They initially had an introductory 30-day trial at launch, but this offer has now ended.

How much is Netflix in Thailand

PlanScreensPrice/Month THB
Mobile Only1 screen (SD mobile or tablet only)THB 99
Basic1 screen (SD)THB 279
Standard HD2 screens (HD 1080p)THB 349
Premium Ultra HD4 screens (HD 1080p and UHD 4k)THB 419
Prices are subject to change

Read my article on Disney+ to compare the price with Disney+ Thailand.

Watch Netflix with Thai subtitles or audio

Most of Netflix Thailand shows have support for Thai subtitles and audio. 

To change to Thai subtitles, select the language menu then under Subtitles select Thai.

To change to Thai audio, select the language menu then under Audio select Thai.

Audio and Subtitle menu with Thai option

Change Netflix interface from English to Thai or visa versa

Netflix’s language setting is configuration per profile; this setting changes the language throughout the application.

To change a Netflix profile to Thai, go to the Account section, then under Profile & Parental Controls, select a profile. Click change on the Language setting and select Thai then Save. The Netflix interface for that profile will now show as Thai.

Popular Thai content on Netflix



2. Watch Netflix in Thailand with a subscription from abroad

Can I use my Netflix in Thailand?

Netflix customers can access the service in 190 countries, including Thailand, when traveling or living abroad.

The available selection of shows when watching from Thailand will be slightly different from your home country because of country-specific streaming rights.  

There is local-specific content like Thai movies, and you’ll notice the top viewed shows are mostly Korean dramas. Thai’s love Korean dramas!

If you decide to move to Thailand, It’s possible to continue watching Netflix using your home country subscription. Although if you choose to settle long term, it might be worth migrating to a local package because of cheaper rates.

Thai Netflix Price Compared to US/UK

PlanPrice/Month THBUS priceUK price
Mobile OnlyTHB 99Not availableNot available
BasicTHB 279$8.99£5.99
Standard HDTHB 349$12.99£8.99
Premium Ultra HDTHB 419$15.99£11.99
Prices are subject to change

Can I watch my UK/US Netflix in Thailand?

Netflix has different publishing rights per country, so based on your IP address, they will show country-specific content.  Netflix will not allow you to directly watch UK/US Netflix from Thailand, but it is possible by using a VPN service.

3. Watch Netflix with a VPN

Watching country-specific Netflix from within Thailand requires a VPN provider.

How does a VPN work?

When using a VPN, your encrypted connection is routed to a specific geo-located server.  The VPN server acts as a gateway between you and the internet, so you’ll appear as if you’re accessing a service from the VPN’s local network. 

With a VPN, you can watch US/UK based Netflix or geographically restricted services from Thailand or elsewhere.

Media services you use in Thailand with a VPN:

  • Amazon Prime
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • HBO Go
  • ESPN+
  • Sky Go

How do I choose a VPN provider?

When choosing a VPN package, you should consider the following criteria.

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Device compatible
  • Number of servers
  • Server locations
  • Price
  • Customer support

I use ExpressVPN in Thailand and highly recommend it for its stability, security, and comprehensive server selection. For a cheaper alternative, I would recommend NordVPN

I wouldn’t use a free VPN service because they’re unreliable and lack essential security features.

Price and server compassion of ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Server countries160 including Thailand59 including Thailand
Price$12.95/month (1 month)

$9.99/month (6 months)

$8.32/month (12 months) <- best deal

30-day money-back guarantee
$11.95/month (1 month)

$4.92/month (1 year)

$3.67/month (2-3 years) <- best deal

30-day money-back guarantee

How to watch Netflix with a VPN?

VPN services provide cross-platform support, including desktop, mobile, or router for smart TV’s.

Within the application, you can select your preferred VPN location, but do note that the servers further away will have higher latency.

5 Steps for watching Netflix US with ExpressVPN’s desktop application:

Step 1 – Sign up for an ExpressVPN account

Step 2 – Download and install the Windows, Mac or Linux desktop app

Step 3 – Sign in to the desktop app with your activation code

Step 4 – Select your preferred VPN US location and click to connect

Step 5 – Access Netflix to view US-based content

How to watch Thailand Netflix in UK/US?

If you’re living outside Thailand and would like to watch Thai Netflix, then use a VPN to connect to a Thai based server. Just follow the steps above but instead of selecting a US VPN select Thai.


Netflix is available in Thailand and 190 countries around the world. How will you watch it?

Want to signup for Netflix Thailand? Local subscriptions are slightly cheaper because of lower tax rates. 

Want to use your own Netflix while traveling in Thailand? Works flawlessly with a good connection, but the content selection will be slightly different from your home country.

Want to watch US/UK based Netflix within Thailand? Sign up for a VPN service and connect to a geolocated server.

Whatever your choice Netflix is here to stay.

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